This model can be configured as both saltwater or freshwater.
    The avilable filtration options are explained below.
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    Tenecor Aquariums

    Tenecor® Thicker™ Acrylic Aquarium | 60x18x16 | Bow Front 75 Gallon

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    Tenecor® makes the largest bow fronts in the industry.

    A Tenecor® bow front is made with single piece bent front acrylic panels. Other companies cannot do this and resort to piecing together the front and side panels. Tenecor® has custom jigs and fixtures that enable us to make bow front acrylic aquariums from 36 inches all the way up to ten feet.

    Tenecor® has been the premium acrylic aquarium brand for over 45 years.

    Tenecor® has been setting the quality standard for over 45 years and has built more acrylic aquariums than anyone. Each tank is carefully crafted using only cell cast acrylic and other top grade materials. Precision CNC machining and proprietary bonding technologies mean industry leading fits and finishes.

    Tenecor® acrylic aquariums are custom manufactured to your exacting requirements.

    Every aquarium is specially designed and crafted to client specifications. The resulting product is a world class aquarium few others can match with seam quality far beyond the competition. Our aquariums are made with heavier acrylic than the industry standard. This costs more but the added quality ensures your aquarium investment for many years to come.


    • The Basic Freshwater Aquarium

      Tenecor® Freshwater Aquariums are Show Aquariums without built in overflows.

      They are designed for hang on the back (HOB), canister, undergravel, or sponge filters.

      Of course, if you don’t want to hang a filter on the back of your tank, simply choose one of the Show Aquariums with overflows.

      Freshwater Only

      This option is suitable as a freshwater aquarium only. The tank will have heater hole(s) and filter slot(s).

      What's included

      -100% cell cast acrylic construction

      -Choice of clear or color back at no charge

      -Custom CNC machined lids

      -Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

      What else you may need

      Freshwater aquariums will need filtration and our client care specialists will explain all your options.

    • Aquariums With Overflows

      If you do not want to hang anything on the back of your aquarium, consider an aquarium with built in overflows. Built in overflows direct the water to an external filter located in the cabinet below the aquarium.

      Suitable as Freshwater or Saltwater

      Overflow aquariums are excellent for both freshwater and saltwater.

      What's included

      -100% cell cast acrylic construction

      -Seamless built-in overflow(s)

      -Custom CNC machined lids

      -Factory plumbed drain(s) & internal return(s)

      -Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

      What else you may need

      Overflow aquariums will require an external filter such as one of our AquaBoss™ sumps or wet/dry units.

      Depending on your filtration choice, you may also need a return pump.

    • Tenecor® Advantage™ All In One (AIO) Aquariums

      If you prefer ease of set up, reliability and easy maintenance, then our Advantage™ All in One (AIO) aquariums are your best choice. The filtration is inside the aquarium which means no drilling or external plumbing,

      High Performance Filtration

      Tenecor Advantage™ aquariums are full wet/dry filters, like the kind found in leading public aquariums. Advantage™ aquariums are excellent for both freshwater and saltwater.

      The best value for over 40 years

      Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO ship "Ready to Run" with everything you need. They are a great value and the easiest way to start your aquarium hobby.

    • Tenecor® Aquariums are made with up to 50% thicker acrylic

      Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker brand name acrylic. We will not use thinner, less expensive imported sheets. Please keep this mind when comparing our products.

    • American Made Since 1980

      Tenecor® has been building aquariums for over 40 years. All of our products are engineered and manufactured in the USA by Tenecor® craftsmen in Tenecor® factories. We do not offshore, re-label or use third party contractors.