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Tenecor® Aquarium Quarantine Baffle DIY Drop In Kit | 20 Gallon Long

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$60.00 USD
Solid Baffles
Flow Thru Slotted Baffles
Tenecor® Aquarium Quarantine Baffles DIY Kits are the affordable solution to building your own customized quarantine tank.

Precision CNC machined acrylic components will convert a standard Aqueon® glass aquarium into a fully functioning quarantine tank. All you will need is a small tube of aquarium sealant and masking tape to hold the pieces in place while the silicone cures.

 Product Features
User defined chamber widths
Solid No Flow or Slotted Flow Thru Baffle Choices
100% Cell Cast Acrylic
Tenecor® Lifetime EZ Swap Warranty
Tenecor® TrueFit™ guarantee


The Tenecor TrueFit™ guarantee means dimensions will be accurate within +/-2 millimeters or we will replace it at no charge.

* Acrylic components can be bonded to each other with solvent if desired. Recommended only for experienced hobbyists.

Tank, Aquarium sealant and masking tape are not included.


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