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Tenecor Aquariums

Tenecor® Acrylic Aquarium Package | Rectangular | AIO | 37 Gallon

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$1,250.00 USD
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$1,250.00 USD
Aquarium Inches (LxWxH) 24 x 20 x 18
Total Volume 37 Gallon
Filter Dimensions Inches (LxWxH) 12 x 5 x 18
Filter Volume 4.2 Gallon
Swim Area Volume 32.8 Gallon
Front Corners Seamless Bent
Filtration Advantage™ Full Wet/Dry
Filter Configuration Single inlet
Primary Mechanism Poly Matrix Floss
Inlet Slots 1-1/2 Inch x 3/16 Inch
Baffle Slots 3 Inch x 3/16 Inch
AIO Chamber Width 5 Inch internal
Wall Thickness 3/8 Inch
Filter Lid Included
Filter Lid Material Virgin Black ABS
Main Tank Lid Included
Main Tank Lid Material Unbreakable Lexan®
Integrated Feed Hatch Included
Cord/Tubing Cutouts 2
Return Pump Thru Hole 1-1/8 Inch
Return Pump Included
Bulkhead 1/2 Inch T x S Black
Return Lines Segmented Adjustable
Flow Control Inline valve
Return Nozzles Two
Nozzle 1 Flare
Nozzle 2 Round
Material Cell cast acrylic
Freshwater Suitable
Saltwater Suitable
Warranty Tenecor® EZ Swap Lifetime
  • High Performance Full Wet/Dry

    Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO are full wet/dry systems with an integrated trickle chamber. Wet/dry filtration is the most effective because water being filtered is trickled over bio media on which beneficial bacteria reside. These bacteria are found everywhere in the aquarium and thrive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. Trickling the water over the media provides this oxygen. Every major public aquarium uses this proven filtration method.

    Glass tanks have low performance AIO's

    Glass tanks have a simplistic AIO consisting of a couple of baffles. They are a mass produced option to the Advantage™ AIO and offer a fraction of the performance of the Advantage™ AIO.

    Another fact is most of the well advertised glass AIO brands are made by a single oversease company and rebranded, meaning there is very little difference in performance.

    Higher performance means healthier aquariums

    Aquarium bio load refers to how much living biology is in an aquarium. Bio load can be fish, corals, invertebrates and other life forms. An aquarium is a closed environment so proper filtration is essential for a healthy thriving ecosystem. Wet/dry filtration such as the Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO has a greater capacity for effective bio filtration than competing wet/wet systems. Waste products break down more efficiently and larger bio-loads can be maintained.

  • The Complete Package

    What's Included


    -Choice of color

    -Advantage™ AIO Filtration

    -Reusable Economic Filter Media

    -Sylent™ Return Pump

    -Flow Control Valve

    -Dual Nozzle Return Line

    -Light Blocking Black Filter Cover

    -CNC Machined Cord Cutouts

    -CNC Machined Meshless Unbreakable Lexan® Lids

    -Integrated Feed Hatch with Lid

    -Magnum™ Aluminum Stand


    -Complete Start Up Kit*

    -Lifetime Warranty-No need to pay for extended plans

    -Free Standard Ground Shipping

    *Start Up Kit Contents

    -Submersible Water Heater

    -Extra Poly Matrix Floss



    -High Capacity Activated Carbon

    -Startup Cycling Bacteria

  • Product Features

    -Extra Heavy Acrylic

    -Seamless Bent Front Corners (Most Models)

    -Built-In Tenecor® Advantage™ Filtration

    -Waterproof Full Spectrum Programmable LED Lighting

    -100% Wood Free Aluminum Stand

    -Bigfoot Leveling Legs

  • Acrylic is the Safer Better Choice

    American made Tenecor® acrylic aquariums are better looking, safer, lighter, and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass.

    No Ugly Silicone Seams

    Primitive silicone seams will discolor over time and eventually leak. This is the reason why no major glass company offers a warranty longer than just a few years. Of course, they do let you pay extra for an expensive extended warranty.

    Tenecor® Solvent Welds are Forever

    Unlike glass tanks, Tenecor® aquarium seams are chemically welded. Done correctly, the bonds are impossible to break apart and will last a lifetime.

    Tenecor® Aquariums are Lighter & Safer Than Glass

    Glass aquariums are HEAVY! They are hard to move and break easily when compared to a Tenecor® aquarium.

    Tenecor® Aquariums are Made with up to 50% Thicker Acrylic

    Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker brand name acrylic. We do not use thinner, less expensive imported acrylic. Please keep this in mind when comparing our products.

    American Made Since 1980

    Most of the well advertised glass brands are made by the same overseas company and relabled. Tenecor® aquariums, filters, and accessories are made in America in Tenecor® factories by Tenecor® craftsmen. We do not offshore, subcontract or use third party manufacturers.

  • Magnum™ Aluminum Stands

    Stands are often the neglected components of aquarium packages. Most stands included with glass tanks are cheap particle board or plywood that will warp around water. Tenecor® Magnum™ stands are made from heavy duty aluminum profile. Magnum™ stands are completely wood free, and will never warp or rust. The increbile strength of Magnum™ stands allows for large cabinet shelf space. All Magnum™ stands have bigfoot leveling legs for easy adjustment and to better protect your floor.

  • A Great Value With No Hidden Extras

    Tenecor® aquarium packages come complete with everything you need to set up fast. We do not charge extra for lights, pumps or other components. Each package includes a startup kit with high quality brand name items.

    Some Final Notes

    -Images are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered to scale.

    -Model numbers are not gallons.

    -Tenecor® aquariums are built to order.

    -Unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in inches (Length x Width x Height).

    -Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

    -Some of our images may have copyright watermarks. They ARE NOT part of the tank.