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Tenecor Aquariums

Simplicity™ AIO Wet/Dry Aquarium | 36 Inch | 30 to 84 Gallons

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$570.00 USD
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$570.00 USD

Tenecor Simplicity™ AIO wet/dry aquariums are a great value. They are out of the box "Ready to Run" with everything you need at no extra charge.

The built in Simplicity AIO is a true Wet/Dry filtration system. Tenecor invented the Simplicity AIO in 1982 and our systems have a 40 year proven track record of safety and reliability.

Product Features & What's included:

  • True wet/dry filtration.
  • Choice of background color.
  • Open cell reticulated AquaFoam.
  • High performance bio media.
  • High Output Return Pump(s).
  • FishKeeper Lids.
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater set ups.
  • American Made.
  • Price includes standard ground shipping.

Aquarium gallons are approximate and include the filter.
Images are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered to scale.