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Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kit

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What is Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kit?

Trusted by discerning reefers for years, Salifert Test Kits feature some of the easiest-to-read results available. Their test kits include easy-to-follow instructions and clear, accurate results. Salifert test kits are also the most economical; the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit will typically deliver 60 tests per kit. Keeping the water in your aquatic habitat safe and toxin-free enables your pets to grow and thrive. Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kits are a must-have for reefers looking to afford their marine pets the best quality of life possible. Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kit helps remove excess nitrate, which can cause algae growth, subsequently harming coral. Complete with easy-to-read color-changing test strips, you can detect minor and significant fluctuations early on.

Benefits of Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kit:

  • Accurately and immediately measures nitrate levels in aquarium water.
  • Fantastic for managing nitrate levels, as excess nitrates can impede coral growth and stimulate algae.
  • Changes color when it detects even minor fluctuations.
  • Maintains healthy water for aquarium setups.
  • Premium liquid test kit for precise nitrate measurement in aquariums
  • Dual range nitrate test kit for reef aquariums and fish-only aquariums
  • Precision nitrate test kit ideal for sensitive reef aquariums.

    How Does Salifert Nitrate Profi-Test Kit Work? 

When an aquarium has anaerobic zones or denitrification proceeds incompletely, nitrate will build up. A too high nitrate concentration can result in unwanted algae growth, which might irritate corals in their neighborhood. Nitrate as such also retards coral growth. The nitrate concentration in a proper functioning reef aquarium should preferably be lower than one mg/L. Fish-only aquariums would usually show much higher nitrate concentrations. Most test kits use a procedure in which a specific nitrate component is converted chemically into nitrite and measured accordingly. Once again, as with nitrite testing, amine interference significantly impacts the measured value. If amine is present, it will interfere with the testing resulting in lower concentrations being measured than are present. The conclusion is that many nitrate test kits are prone to amine interference, resulting in misleading readings. The Salifert nitrate test does not suffer from such amine interference. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows for fast and accurate measurement. The range spans from very low to a very high nitrate concentration (approx. 0.05  20 mg/L as Nitrate-Nitrogen or 0.2 100 mg/L as nitrate ion). The kit can perform approx. 60 measurements.