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ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon Frag Aquarium | Bow Front | 60 Inch | 37 to 56 Gallons

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$985.00 USD
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$985.00 USD
Background Color
Inlet Slots 1-1/2" x 3/16"
Baffle Slots 3" x 3/16"
AIO Chamber Width 5"
AIO Style Open Sump
Wall Thickness .236"
Return Pump Thru Hole 1-1/2"
Return Pump Bulkhead 3/4" T x S Black
Material Cell cast acrylic
  • ReefPoint® Overflow Lagoon Frags

    ReefPoint® Overflow Lagoon Frags have built in overflows.

    What's Included

    100% cell cast construction

    Choice of color back

    Seamless built-in overflows

    Factory plumbed drain(s) & internal return(s)

    Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

    What else you may need

    Overflow frags will require an external filter such as one of our AquaBoss™ sumps or wet/dry units.

    Depending on your filtration choice, you may also need a return pump.

  • ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon Frags

    ReefPoint® All in One (AIO) Lagoon Frag Aquariums are quick and easy to set up. The simple and reliable AIO design uses economic reusable AquaFoam for bio mechanical filtration with room for optional chemical filtration such as carbon in mesh bags (not Included).

    The second chamber can be used as an additional bio media filter or as a refugium. The return pump chamber has an adjustable water level gate.

    What's included

    100% cell cast construction

    Choice of color back

    Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

    What else you may need

    -Return pump


    Pump and carbon are shown for illustrative purposes. They are not included.

  • ReefPoint® Show Lagoon Frags

    ReefPoint® Show Lagoon Frags do not have internal filtration. Overflows or internal filtration are available as options. Show frags offered in 6 inch Low Boy, 8 and 12 Inch heights.

    What's included

    -100% cell cast acrylic construction

    -Choice of clear or color back at no charge

    -Complimentary drilling

    -Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

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