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ReefH2O 7"x16" 200 Micron Filter Sock

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What are ReefH2O 7"x16" 200 Micron Filter Socks?

ReefH2O 200 Micron Filter Socks are high-quality reusable filter socks that will help to keep your water crystal clear by removing uneaten food, dust, waste, detritus, and more from your aquarium. ReefH2O 200 Micron Filter Socks are pre-molded with internal plastic handles for easy servicing. In addition, they have double-stitched felt for maximum reliability, helping you keep your water cleaner and crystal clear.

How do ReefH2O 7"x16" 200 Micron Filter Sock Work?

Filter socks are commonly used in sump systems, helping to regulate particulates flowing through the water and the filter. ReefH2O Filtersocks work to remove large pieces of free-floating debris from the water. Use filter socks with aquarium systems that employ overflow drains to remove particulates, waste, detritus, or other debris to help keep your aquarium crystal clear and clean. Filter socks are reusable, easy to change, and will keep your water clean and your aquarium. Keeping extra socks on hand is always a great idea when changing the used socks. Simply replace the old filter with the new one, then rinse it until it is free of particulates and ready to be used again. Because these filter socks are 200 microns, they will need to be changed less frequently than 150 microns and lower socks. 

Benefits of ReefH2O 7"x16" 200 Micron Filter Socks: 

  • High-quality, reusable, and durable construction
  • Improves water quality by removing uneaten food, waste, dust, detritus, and various other particles.
  •  High-quality double-stitched felt