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Poly-Filter 4"x8"

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What is a Poly-Filter?

The Poly-Filter’s unique chemical filtration properties offer the beginner fish owner and the experienced aquarist advantages. Poly-Filter does what other filters simply cannot when removing medication and antibiotics. Avoid overdose and water toxicity; Poly-Filter removes medication quickly not to poison the fish, yet slowly enough to not shock the fish. The Poly Filter is unlike anything else on the market today. “It Just Makes Keeping Fish Easier!”

The color guide goes as follows:
red = aluminum
orange = iron
yellowish-green = ammonia
light green = free copper
blue = copper salt
brown/black = harmful organic materials

Poly-Filter Color Guide




Free Copper

Copper Salt

Harmful Organic Materials

How Does a Poly-Filter Work?

The Poly-Filter is for filtering and purifying both fresh and saltwater aquariums. It is a formulation of a unique patented material bonded to a synthetic matrix.

Utilizing a unique proprietary process, the Poly-Filter is made impervious to salt and is also organic loving to certain materials.
It can absorb contaminants and other toxic materials found in nature and habitats alike, with or without fish and invertebrates.
Medication added to fresh and saltwater aquariums for treatment of diseased fish will automatically be removed by the Poly-Filter after serving its intended purpose before the medication can produce a toxic effect on the fish.

The Poly-Filter is non-toxic and harmless to biological filtration because it allows a sufficient amount of ammonia to reach the biological filter to sustain the bacteria culture. The Poly-Filter provides a supplemental means for ammonia removal when the biological filter cannot break down the excess ammonia, increasing its concentration rapidly. Then the Poly-Filter adsorbs the excess ammonia while the biological filter readjusts to higher ammonia input levels. 

Benefits of a Poly-Filter: 

  • Keep Cleaner Water - Since the Poly Filter removes both chemical toxins and organic waste, the water stays clear without changing as often. Keep your tank cleaner, and longer.

  • Fits In Most Filters - Easily fits into many common aquarium filter styles. It can be used with a conventional power filter, plastic UGF’s also known as plastic undergravel filters, and canister-type power filters. Increase the cleaning power of the system you already have.

  • Unique Chemical Filtration - Made from a patented material that filters excess pollutants while leaving trace elements necessary for the survival of your tank. Poly Filter gently removes extra medication after it takes its effect.

  • For Fresh Or Saltwater - The Poly Filter works in both fresh and saltwater marine environments. The Poly Filter will not break down due to salt and keep all marine environments clean and balanced.

Recommended Use - 

Freshwater Application:

Add Poly-Filter to any holder or apparatus at any time.

Establishing Marine/Reef system:

Add Poly-Filter so water can pass through it.

For Maximum Filtration: Eliminate all water bypass.

Poly-Filter in established marine & freshwater systems:

  • Conventional power filter: Place Poly-Filter on the bottom plate. Cover with gravel or floss. Do not restrict flow.
  • Plastic undergravel filters: Place Poly-Filter on top of the undergravel plate. Cover filter and plate with gravel.
  • Canister-type power filters: Place Poly-Filter in the chemical filter compartment. Add floss according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Medication removal (parasite and antibiotic treatments):

Remove Poly-Filter from the water before adding any type of medication. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. After treatment is complete, place Poly-Filter back in the water to remove traces of medication. Test water for safe levels. When safe, remove discolored Poly-Filter, dry, and save for the next medication. Place a new Poly-Filter in the water to remove conventional organics and water purification.

Adding vitamins and trace elements:

Remove Poly-Filter from the water before adding vitamins or trace elements. After 12 hours, place Poly-Filter back into the water. Poly-Filter will not remove calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium, or alkalinity supplements. Poly-Filter will not remove trace elements included in marine salt mixtures.

General Maintenance Guidelines:

Add de-chlorinated water to make up for evaporation loss. If pH shifts below the acceptable level, change the water and add a new Poly-Filter. Heavy slime-producing water conditioners can surface coat Poly-Filter and interfere with absorption performance. In marine water, soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide, then rinse (in freshwater) well. In freshwater soak, in 10% marine saltwater solution, rinse (in freshwater) well.