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Tenecor® Aquariums

Flipper Magnet Cleaner STANDARD Float

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What is Flipper Magnet Cleaner STANDARD Float?


Scrub, Flip, Scrape, and Now *FLOAT* with the patented FL!PPER Aquarium Cleaner.

The new Floating FL!PPER is the last aquarium cleaning tool you will ever need! Flipper's patented design creates the only 2 in 1 magnetic aquarium cleaner that can FLIP from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle.

Floating Flipper features an ergonomic GRIP/FLIP handle for easy flipping. In addition, the cleaner now floats to the top of your aquarium if it ever becomes disconnected for even easier retrieval!

A "must-have" cleaning tool for advanced hobbyists and maintenance professionals!

Benefits of the Flipper Magnet Cleaner STANDARD Float:

  • FLOATS to the surface if the cleaner ever becomes disconnected!
  • NEW Ergonomic GRIP/FLIP Handle for easy flipping from Scrubber to Scraper
  • NEW Improved longer lasting handle felt
  • Made with rare earth magnets for incredible cleaning strength and durability. Cleans even the most stubborn coralline algae
  • Blade side has only three contact points resulting in a safety gap between the cleaner and the glass. This minimizes the chance of trapped sand, which reduces the chance of scratching, even when cleaning below the sand!
  • Unique orienting buoyancy always keeps the magnets facing the glass for easy retrieval.
  • Includes (2) replaceable blades: Stainless Steel for glass tanks and ABS plastic for acrylic tanks. Recommended to replace blades every 3-6 months to maintain optimal algae scraping
  • Designed for Glass and Acrylic Tanks Up to 1/2" (12mm) Thickness

How Does the Flipper Magnet Cleaner STANDARD Float Work?

The Flipper Magnet Cleaner employs rare Earth magnets for remarkable durability and cleaning strength. The Flipper Magenet Cleaner has a blade that is safe for your aquarium glass, and has a safety gap preventing from granules of sand getting trapped and scratching your aquarium.