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Tenecor Aquariums

Aquarium Overflow Box | Tower

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$45.00 USD
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Is this the right overflow box?

Tenecor tower mount overflows are intended for installation in the middle of the aquarium. They are attached to the bottom of the tank and provide unobstructed viewing from all sides.

Tenecor Overflow Box

We offer many sizes of this design and our recommendation is choose the biggest box that will fit. A bigger box will allow for smoother water flows and quieter operation. Tenecor overflows can also be used as additional filters when filled with bio media and our AquaFoam.

Please remember the size of the box you select is the size we make the box. Dimensions are external measurements.

Water inlet slots are approximately 1/4 inch wide and extend down approximately 1-1/2 inches from the top of the box. Keep in mind your water level will generally be at the bottom of the skimmer slots.

No charge optional return holes.

We will drill 3/4 inch return line hole(s) at no charge upon request. The hole(s) will be drilled approximately 4 inches from the top of the overflow. On tower overflows, we offer the option of two holes.