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Tenecor Aquariums

Aquarium Overflow Box | 8x5 | Right Corner

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$25.00 USD

Is this the correct overflow box?

Corner overflows are intended for installation in a corner of a rectangular tank, usually in the back. One edge of the box attaches to the back of the aquarium and the other edge attaches to a side wall.

Tenecor Overflow Box

This is an OPEN BOTTOM overflow which means it must also be sealed to the bottom of the aquarium. Open bottom overflows allow the return lines to come up from the bottom of the aquarium instead of through a side wall. They also allow the box to be used as additional filtration.

These overflows are corner specific. There is a left corner box and there is a right corner box.

How to measure for the perfect fit.

Many glass aquariums have a plastic rim along the top edge. Measure the depth of the tank from the bottom of this rim to the bottom of the tank. Your overflow box will be fabricated to the size you select. For rimless tanks, measure to your preference.

Please remember the size of the box you select is the size we make the box. Dimensions are external measurements.

Water inlet slots are approximately 1/4 inch wide and extend down approximately 1-1/2 inches from the top of the box. Keep in mind your water level will generally be at the bottom of the overflow slots.