Tenecor Product Terms & Definitions

    Here is a guide to help understand some of our product terms and definitions. Please let us know if we missed anything or you have any other questions.

    Bent Corners. Corners which are heated and formed into radiuses to achieve a seamless appearance. Tenecor aquariums have signature large radius bends which are more appealing than tighter corner bends. Not to be confused with rounded corners which some companies do to cover up bad seams. Rounded corners remove a substantial amount of material and weaken the seams;

    Centipede. A flexible, segmented return fitting used to direct water flow in the aquarium.

    Bio-media. Porous but inert materials with a high surface area upon which beneficial bacteria colonize. Bio-media can be many things including plastic balls, spun fabrics, open cell sponges, ceramic balls, cylinders bricks or tubes.

    Pre-filter/Skimmer/Overflow box. A column or box used to control water flow and sometimes route plumbing back into the aquarium. Learn more about skimmer boxes here.

    Protein Skimmer. A device used to remove excess waste products from a saltwater aquarium. Protein skimmers create aerated foam comprised of waste products which is then collected in a cup and discarded. They are effective only in salt water setups.

    Filter Sock. A woven mesh tube closed at one end used as a mechanical filter. Filter socks are offered in assorted diameters and lengths. They are usually 200 micron porosity and are cleanable and reusable (to certain degree as they eventually must be replaced). Tenecor aquariums do not use filter socks. Instead, they come kitted with reusable open cell AquaFoam™ which is substantially superior to filter socks.

    Show Aquarium. An improved version of the traditional fish tank. Tenecor show aquariums feature larger access holes and filter slots. We offer the largest selection of show aquariums.

    Simplicity™ AIO Aquarium. Tenecor's flagship aquariums with integrated wet/dry filtration built right into the tank. These are also sometimes known as "All in One" (AIO) aquariums. Simplicity aquariums are the most dependable and easy to set up aquariums. We offer them in an extensive range of sizes and styles. They are ideal for fresh or saltwater setups and can be purchased ready to run or part of a complete package. 

    Drain. A plumbing connection used to remove water from an aquarium. Drains are usually found in skimmer boxes and consist of bulkheads.

    Ready to Run. This phrase describes Tenecor products which are kitted with the accessories such as AquaFoam, bio-media and powerheads. We offer Ready to Run versions as well as "bare" aquariums which are ideal for do it yourself customization.

    Aquarium Packages. Tenecor aquarium packages include everything you need to get your system up and running. We offer the largest selection of complete packages  you will find anywhere.

    Tenecor packages are available in several categories:

    • Simplicity All in One
    • Tenecor Show Aquariums
    • Peninsula Show Aquariums
    • ReefPoint Marine Ready
    • Desktop/Nano
    • Specialty Shapes
    • Ultra Large
    • Full custom

    Bulkhead fitting. A plastic plumbing part used to create a water tight fitting through aquarium walls or partitions.

    Cell Cast Acrylic. Acrylic is made two main ways - Cell Cast and Extruded. Cell cast involves creating a single "cell" into which the acrylic polymer is poured/injected into. The cells consist of very heavy glass plates set apart as wide as the finished acrylic sheet. The entire perimeter is then sealed with a flexible membrane. Once the acrylic polymer cures, the glass plates are removed and a sheet of solid acrylic remains. The flexible membrane is then trimmed off, much like the crust of a slice of bread. It is time consuming and expensive but yields the best quality sheets.

    Extruded acrylic is made like toothpaste is squeezed out of a tube. Much faster since it is a continuous process. Extruded acrylic is significantly less expensive and not nearly as high quality. We use only cell cast acrylic for all structural components such as walls, bottoms and tops. We do use extruded acrylics for non-structural, cosmetic applications such as coloring.

    ReefPoint® Marine Ready. Tenecor aquarium system configurations for more demanding saltwater environments. These systems employ external filtration which is usually located in the stand, below the aquarium. ReefPoint Marine Ready systems come complete with plumbed skimmer boxes, filters, pumps and plumbing.

    Powerhead. A submersible centrifugal water pump used to circulate water in the aquarium system.

    Return. Plumbing and fittings used in returning water back to the aquarium from the filter.

    Internal Return. Plumbing and fittings used in returning water back to the aquarium but routed inside a skimmer box.

    Rounded Corners. A process where square cornered tanks are rounded over to a smooth radius. Rounding corners removes significant wall thickness and weakens the seams. Not to be confused with Bent Corners.

    Wet/Dry Trickle Filter. A combination mechanical and biological filtration system external of the aquarium. Almost always used in conjunction with skimmer boxes. Wet/dry trickle filtration is a time tested method and is suitable for fresh or saltwater setups.

    Refugium. A type of sump connected to the main aquarium used as a "refuge" for livestock and plants that would not survive in the main aquarium environment. Refugiums can also be used for further filtration and water purification, nutrient export, plankton production or denitrification.

    Nominal Thickness/Size. A nominal size or trade size is a size "in name only" used for identification. The nominal size may not match any dimension of the product, but within the domain of that product the nominal size may correspond to a large number of highly standardized dimensions and tolerances. The most common example is the 2x4 which actually measures 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Acrylic is also subject to nominal sizing.