Step 1: Freshwater or Saltwater?

Almost all of our aquariums can be used for either freshwater or saltwater. The choice is yours.

Step 2: What Shape & Size?

The choices for shape and size are almost endless.

Step 3: What Kind of Filtration?

Regardless of the tank you choose, it must be properly maintained and filtered. We offer aquariums with three types of life support:

  • The Basic Freshwater Aquarium - Hang on Back Filtration

    Tenecor Freshwater Aquariums are Show Aquariums without built in overflows. They are designed for hang on the back (HOB), canister, undergravel, or sponge filters.Of course, if you don’t want to hang a filter on the back of your tank, simply choose one of the Show Aquariums with overflows described below.

  • Show Aquariums With Overflows - Under Cabinet Filtration

    If you do not want to hang anything on the back of your aquarium then our Show aquariums with overflows are where you start designing your system.Our Show aquariums are highly customizable with endless options. Built in overflows direct the water to the external filter located in the cabinet below the aquarium. Show aquariums are excellent for both freshwater and saltwater.

  • Simplicity™ All In One (AIO) Aquariums - Built In Filtration

    If you prefer ease of set up, reliability and easy maintenance, then our Simplicity All in One (AIO) aquariums are your best choice. The filtration is inside the aquarium which means no drilling or external plumbing is required. Simplicity™ AIO are our most popular aquariums. They are a great value and the easiest way to start your aquarium hobby. Simplicity™ aquariums are full wet/dry filters, not just an extra sump compartment.

Step 4: Aquarium Furniture?

A beautiful aquarium deserves a quality stand and canopy. Tenecor offers a broad range of stands to complement any tank.

Tenecor furniture is made by us. We do not subcontract or use third party cabinet makers.

Why Choose Tenecor Aquariums?

Tenecor has been fabricating acrylic aquariums since 1980 and has built more than any other company. On a typical day, we make more aquariums than some operations make in five years.Our specialized equipment and fixtures allow us to make the tanks other companies cannot. Tenecor craftsmen are uniquely qualified for fabricating aquariums with near flawless seams and dimensional tolerances within fractions of an inch.

Please explore. If you have questions, we're here to help.

All Tenecor Aquariums, filters and furniture are Made in America. Tenecor does not subcontract or use third party manufacturers.