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Choosing The Right Aquarium

Why Tenecor?

We have been fabricating acrylic aquariums since 1980 and have built more than any other company. We don't make sneeze guards or napkin dispensers. Only aquariums. On a typical day, we make more aquariums than some garage operations make in five years.

You won't find solvent puddles or bubbled seams in a Tenecor aquarium. Our specialized equipment and fixtures allow us to make the tanks other companies cannot. Tenecor craftsmen are uniquely qualified for fabricating aquariums with near flawless seams and dimensional tolerances within fractions of an inch.

Our reputation and client list is unmatched.

Tenecor packages include everything, with no hidden extras.

Our prices are based on our manufacturing cost, not what the competition is doing. We do not charge extra for the things that  you, as a customer, expect and need. Color backs, standard overflows, drilling, pumps and lighting are included in our packages.

We also do not charge you extra right before checkout for "extended warranties" or "protection plans".

Freshwater or Saltwater?

Most Tenecor products are grouped into these two broad categories. You will notice some of them appear in both saltwater and freshwater because they can be used for both.

Rectangular models that are 72” long or less feature bent (seamless) front corners. Standard rectangle acrylic aquariums are made from 1/2”, 3/8” or 1/4” acrylic.

Rectangular aquariums have long been the most popular style available. These models are commonly placed against a wall, in a corner, or in the middle of a room for 360° viewing. Rectangle aquariums are also frequently used for room dividers and in-wall installations.
The half cylinder is another popular shape. Our advanced oven forming techniques allow us to manufacture an acrylic aquarium with an amazing “all around” panoramic front viewing panel when this aquarium is placed against a wall. All half cylinder stands feature a formed front door that matches the shape of the stand. Bull nose peninsula aquariums are a another Tenecor specialty. We pre-form these in our walk in ovens. Competitors cold form them by literally bending a piece of acrylic at room temperature which will cause hairline fractures and crazing.
Tenecor Flat Back Hexagon aquariums are a unique alternative to the traditional rectangular shape. The one piece front is beveled at both front corners providing a stimulating visual display. All Flat Back Hexagon acrylic aquariums feature bent front corners. Our -L-Shape aquariums make efficient use of corner space while maximizing the viewing area of your aquatic display.
Our Hexagon aquariums are the perfect accent for the center of a room, as a peninsula aquarium or against a wall where space is at a premium. They are sold as complete packages with aquarium, filtration, furniture and lighting. The Pentagon corner aquarium is one of the most popular shapes offered by Tenecor. Certain to enhance any corner, this unique shape is ideal for efficiently utilizing available corner space without compromising aquarium size. All standard Pentagon aquariums feature bent (seamless) front corners.
The Tenecor Cylinder aquarium is yet another center of the room option. These are sold as complete packages including filtration, lighting and furniture.  The Vista aquarium is a completely unique way to accent any corner. The front panel is formed from a single piece of acrylic for seven seamless viewing areas. This is one of the most challenging aquariums we make.

Built in Simplicity All in One (AIO) Aquariums

Built in filtration (AIO) means no drilling or external plumbing is required. In 1982, Tenecor invented the original AIO and we named them Simplicity because of their ease of set up, maintenance and reliability.

With a proven track record of hundreds of thousands units, Simplicity AIO are a great choice for beginners or advanced hobbyists and can be used as both freshwater or saltwater.

Tenecor Show Aquariums

Show aquariums allow you to build your system just the way you want. We do not charge extra for standard overflows, drilling or color backgrounds.

Show aquarium packages are offered as high performance Marine systems, Peninsula room dividers and many other options.


Really Big Aquariums. Only from Tenecor.

UltraQUARIUMS are Tenecor’s popular larger aquariums in the 300 to 1300 gallon range, utilizing ¾” or thicker acrylic.

UltraQUARIUM Simplicity aquariums are available as a standard model in 96” and 72” lengths up to 36” high and in other sizes on a custom basis.

UltraQUARIUMS have square corners standard. Metal frame stands with or without decorative facades are available on a custom quote basis.

Complete Custom

For customers requiring a non-standard size, shape or other feature, Tenecor offers complete custom fabrication. Simple or complicated, Tenecor makes the impossible possible.

All Tenecor Aquariums, filters, furniture and related products are Made in America.