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Our Simplicity All in One (AIO) aquariums are the easiest and most reliable way to begin your hobby.

Simplicity aquariums do not require plumbing or drilling. All of the filtration is contained inside the tank without anything hanging off the back.

Tenecor Simplicity Aquariums have FULL Wet/Dry filters, not just an empty sump. Wet/Dry filtration is the most effective way to eliminate waste. This makes them suitable for both freshwater or saltwater.

Tenecor invented the Simplicity AIO in 1982. With hundreds of thousands sold, they have a forty year record of safety and reliability. Simplicity AIO are available in dozens of size and hundreds of varieties.

Simplicity features & what's included:

  • Choice of background color
  • AquaFoam bio sponge
  • High performance bio media
  • High Output Powerhead(s)
  • FishKeeper Lexan Lids
  • Lifetime limited warranty - aquarium
  • American made

Note: Full size Tenecor® aquariums require a FULL BOTTOM supporting stand. Under no circumstances are perimeter support stands recommended. Failure to use a FULL BOTTOM supporting stand may result in permanent damage to the aquarium including, but not limited to, bowing, crazing or cracking.

Images are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered to scale. Model numbers are not gallons.

These are built to order custom aquariums. Dimensions are in inches Length x Width x Height.

Product images have copyright watermarks. They are not part of the product.

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