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Tenecor Model 8™ Flat Back Hex AIO | Assorted Options

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The Model 8 Flat Back Hex AIO is our most popular aquarium with over 350,000 units sold.  It is a completely self contained aquarium system with a built-in mechanical and wet/dry biological filter.

Whisper quiet, the Flat Back Hex AIO Nano is the perfect bedroom aquarium.
For a little extra dazzle, you can add an edge glow canopy.


The Model 8 Flat Back Hex AIO Features:

  • Out of the box ready to run.
  • Built in leak proof integrated wet/dry filtration system.
  • Includes filter sponge, high performance bio media and powerhead.
  • Dimensions are 19" L x 10" W x 19" H.
  • Use with or without the included black acrylic base.
  • Includes full spectrum EKLUND RGBW LED lighting.
  • Ideal for fresh or saltwater fish.
  • Free Standard Ground shipping.
  • Tenecor EZ Swap Lifetime Warranty.