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Affordable Lexan® Aquarium Lids

FishKeeper™ lids are the simple and affordable solution for keeping your aquarium residents in your tank. Our vacuum thermoformed lids are value engineered to save you money.

What is Vacuum Thermoforming?

A sheet of plastic material (Lexan®) is heated and then pressed against a mold by vacuuming out the air between the sheet and the mold. We have some of the largest thermoformers in the Southwest and can make one piece lids up to 10 feet long and 5 feet wide.

You can easily drill, cut, nip or slot a Tenecor FishKeeper lid.

  • Tenecor FishKeeper lids will not turn yellow.
  • Thermoformed ribbing make them rigid and very lightweight.
  • CNC machined slots allow evaporation and reduce condensation.
  • Fishkeeper lids are guaranteed for life against breakage and yellowing.
  • Best of all, Tenecor FishKeeper lids cost up to 85% less than other options. 

Don't see your size? Let us know and we will add it to our lineup.

All Tenecor Aquariums, filters and furniture are Made in America in Tenecor factories. Tenecor does not subcontract or use third party manufacturers.

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