The Bow Front aquarium with the curved single piece viewing panel makes it the focal point of any room. Tenecor® offers the largest selection of Bow Front aquariums in sizes ranging from 36 inches all the way up to 10 feet.

    Tenecor® Bow Fronts are Different.

    Tenecor® bow front aquariums have seamless viewing panels. The front and side panels are formed from a single piece of acrylic. Other companies attach the front panel to the sides resulting in two seamed front corners.

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    • Seamless Front & Side Panels

    • Choice of FIltration

    • Highly Customizable

    • Wide Selection of Sizes

    • Choice of Background Color

    • Extra Large AIO Chambers

    • Unbreakable Lexan® Lids

    • Feed Hatch with Lid

    • 100% Cell Cast Acrylic

    • Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty

    • Tenecor® Aquariums are made with up to 50% thicker acrylic

      Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker brand name acrylic. We will not use thinner, less expensive imported sheets. Please keep this mind when comparing our products.

    • American Made Since 1980

      Tenecor® has been building aquariums for over 40 years. All of our products are engineered and manufactured in the USA by Tenecor® craftsmen in Tenecor® factories. We do not offshore, re-label or use third party contractors.