The Tenecor® Advantage™ is the Superior AIO.

The Tenecor® Advantage™ is the Superior AIO.

Let's talk about life support

Every aquarium requires some form of filtration. This usually meant hanging boxes and hoses on the back of a tank and running the water down to a filter housed in the stand and pumping it back up and over the edge of the tank. Most glass aquariums are still filtered in this manner. Not only is this type of system prone to leaks and failure, it is unattractive.

Introducing the Tenecor® Advantage™ All in One (AIO)

Addressing the disadvantages of available filtration at the time, Tenecor® invented the wet/dry AIO aquarium in 1980. Since we engineered all the filtration inside the aquarium, there was no need for drilling or external plumbing. We named them Simplicity™ because of their ease of set up and maintenance.

Simplicity™ aquariums rapidly became our best sellers. Over forty years later they still outperform all other glass or acrylic AIO's on the market. As other simplistic and low performance AIO's began to appear in glass tanks, we rebranded our AIO's and now call them Advantage™ to better describe their superior performance.

The industry leading Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO is a full wet/dry system

Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO are full wet/dry systems with an integrated trickle chamber. Wet/dry filtration is the most effective because water being filtered is trickled over bio media on which beneficial bacteria reside. These bacteria are found everywhere in the aquarium and thrive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. Trickling the water over the media provides this oxygen. Every major public aquarium uses this proven filtration method.

Tenecor® Advantage™ AIO. Full wet/dry performance.


Building wet/dry AIO aquariums is not easy

Advantage™ AIO aquariums are not easy to build. The challenges are many including fabricating both wet and dry chambers and correctly calibrating trickle rates. This is why after over 40 years, Tenecor® is still the only manufacturer building full wet/dry AIO aquariums.

Glass aquariums have simplistic low performance filters

Glass aquarium companies offer a simplistic AIO consisting of a couple of baffles. They are a mass produced option to the Advantage™ AIO and offer a fraction of the performance of the Advantage™ AIO.

Another fact is most of the well advertised glass AIO brands are made by one Chinese company and rebranded, meaning there is very little difference in performance.


Higher performance means healthier aquariums

Aquarium bio load refers to how much living biology is in an aquarium. Bio load can be fish, corals, invertebrates and other life forms. Since an aquarium is a closed environment, proper filtration is essential for a healthy thriving ecosystem. Wet/dry filtration such as the Advantage™ AIO has a greater capacity for effective bio filtration than competing wet/wet systems. Waste products break down more efficiently and larger bio-loads can be maintained.

The Tenecor® Model 12 with Advantage™ wet/dry filtration.


Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker acrylic

As a general rule, you will find Tenecor® uses thicker acrylic than other companies because the quality of our aquariums reflect on us as a company. This is why we work closely with you from the initial consultation all the way to final delivery. At every step, a dedicated Client Care Specialist will explain and share with you the extra benefits and value of your Tenecor® aquarium.

Tenecor® Advantage AIO's Cost Less

You would expect glass AIO aquariums to be lower cost but that is not the case. Tenecor® Advantage™ aquariums consistently cost less and are of higher quality than any glass aquarium.

Tenecor® has been the premium brand for over 40 years.

Tenecor® has been setting the standard for quality aquariums since building the first acrylic aquarium in 1980. We take pride in being able to offer the largest selection of aquarium sizes, styles and varieties.. All of them crafted in the United States by highly skilled fabricators. Let us build one for you.