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This is the Tenecor® Advantage™

The Tenecor® Advantage™ All in One aquarium (AIO) is the highest performance filtration system.

Wet/Dry Filtration is Superior

Tenecor® Advantage™ aquariums have full wet/dry filters. Wet/dry systems are the most effective biological filters. The Advantage™ AIO is identical to filtration found in leading public aquariums.

Only Tenecor® offers The Advantage™ AIO

Tenecor invented the Advantage™ AIO in 1980 and remains the only company with the expertise to manufacture full Wet/Dry AIO's in the largest variety of shapes and sizes.

Safe & Reliable

Our Advantage™ AIO have a 40 year record of safety and reliability. You will never have to worry about a catastrophic glass seam blowout or plumbing failure.

Suitable as Freshwater or Saltwater

Advantage™ aquariums are excellent for both freshwater and saltwater.

The best value for over 40 years

Often copied, but never surpassed, Tenecor Advantage™ AIO aquariums have been proven safe and reliable by the hundreds of thousands.

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Tenecor® Aquariums are made with up to 50% thicker acrylic

Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker brand name acrylic. We will not use thinner, less expensive imported sheets. Please keep this mind when comparing our products.

The Prestige & Safety of Acrylic for Less Than Glass

Tenecor® manufactures award winning acrylic aquariums for all budgets. Our acrylic aquariums are better looking, safer, lighter and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass.

For about the same price (and usually much less), you now can own an American Made Tenecor® aquarium. Choose from hundreds of varieties in shapes and styles glass can't match.

Enjoy the beauty, elegance and safety of a Tenecor® acrylic aquarium without the ugly silicone seams and worry of a shattering glass tank.

American Made. Since 1980.

Bow Front Aquariums

Tenecor® makes the largest bow fronts in the industry. A Tenecor® bow front is made with single piece bent front panels. Other companies cannot do this and they add unattractive seams at the front corners. Available from 36 inches all the way up to ten feet.

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