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The Prestige & Safety of Acrylic for Less Than Glass

Tenecor® manufactures award winning acrylic aquariums for all budgets. Our aquariums are better looking, safer, lighter and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass.

For less than the price of glass, you now can own an American Made Tenecor® aquarium. Choose from hundreds of varieties in shapes and styles glass can't match.

Enjoy the beauty, elegance and safety of a Tenecor® acrylic aquarium without ugly silicone seams and the worry of a shattering glass tank.

American Made. Since 1980.

Engineered for Performance

Our products address a higher level of expectations.

Tenecor® 2.7 Gallon AIO Ready to Run Pico Aquarium | 10x9x7 | Black
Tenecor® 4.4 Gallon AIO Ready to Run Pico Aquarium | 12x12x7 | Black

*ships pre-assembled*

DIY AIO Kits For Aqueon® Glass Tanks

Convert your Aqueon® glass aquarium into an All In One (AIO) system with our easy to install AIO Kits. Lids and filtration options available.

Commercial Systems | Design | Build

From neighborhood pet stores to the largest national chains, Tenecor® has the experience to design and build your perfect system.