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Precision Engineered Award Winning Designs

Tenecor manufactures award winning acrylic aquariums for all budgets. Our acrylic aquariums are better looking, safer, lighter and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass.

For about the same price (and often much less), you now can own an American Made Tenecor aquarium. Choose from hundreds of varieties in shapes and styles glass can't match.

Enjoy the beauty, elegance and safety of a Tenecor acrylic aquarium without the ugly silicone seams and the worry of a shattering glass tank.

American Made. Since 1980.

Simplicity™ AIO | Ready to Run | Full Wet/Dry Performance

Simplicity™ All in One aquariums (AIO) are our most popular models. They are a great value and the easiest way to start your aquarium hobby.

The Simplicity™ AIO Difference

Simplicity™ aquariums have built-in wet/dry filters, not just a simple sump. Wet/dry systems are the most effective biological filters making Simplicity™ tanks ideal for freshwater and saltwater setups.

Safe & Reliable

Tenecor invented the Simplicity™ AIO in 1982 and they have a 40 year record of safety and reliability. You will never have to worry about a catastrophic glass seam blowout or plumbing failure.

Quick & Easy

No holes to drill and easy to set up, they are available in several hundred varieties. All come pre-kitted and are "Ready to Run".

Often copied, but never surpassed, Tenecor Simplicity™ AIO aquariums have been proven safe and reliable by the hundreds of thousands.

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NaturePoint™ Planted Tanks

NaturePoint™ planted tanks by Tenecor® are an aquascaper's dream. Our extensive sizes and styles give you endless options to bring your creations to life.

Cosmetically flawless, safer and less expensive than glass, the unparalleled beauty of a NaturePoint™ planted tank is backed by Tenecor's EZ Swap Lifetime warranty.

Prices include free standard ground shipping.

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The Tenecor® Corner Pentagon

Our Corner Pentagon is a popular choice for those challenging spaces.

These aquariums have seamless front viewing panels and an exclusive one piece rear panel designed to hug the walls and blend with any décor.

They are offered in a range of sizes from 42 to 203 gallons.

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Aqua Boss™ Filters & Accessories

Starting at $27

Tenecor Aquariums will last a lifetime. Here is one 42 years old & going strong!

This is one of our first Model 12 desktops. It is the Aqua Dome version and has the built in Simplicity filtration system.

Over the last 40 years this aquarium has been used as both a saltwater and freshwater tank. For the past ten years it has been a freshwater tank. Even the powerhead is original. The light was replaced with an LED.

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Commercial Systems | Design | Build

From neighborhood pet stores to national chains, Tenecor can help you design and build your perfect system.

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